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How to Use Snappy Stats 

Step 1   Choose a Topic:   We have grouped our statistics into a number of generic headings for example ‘Population’; ‘Education’; ‘Housing’;’ Planning’ etc

Step 2 Select a Location: This is the spatial scale for which statistics are available for example County, Electoral Division ( ED), Electoral Ward ( EW), Town Level, Small Area (SA) etc

Step 3 Pick a Statistic: Within each generic heading there are a number of statistics to explore for example under the ‘Population’ topic the number of children aged 0 – 4 years, number of persons aged 65 years and over etc 

Step 4 Here is the Result: Your result should arrive in a few seconds, it’s that simple and you can share or tweet this information.  Please let us know if there are other topical areas you would like to explore and we will do our best to provide that information.